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Strong combination, color master Karim and OPPO create different R15

Pconline information March 8th, the latest beauty map of OPPO R15 is officially released. The beauty map released here is colorful. We see the mysterious starry purple, the pure snow and white, s6 phone cover nz the passionate heat red and the more unique R15 dream mirror red, and each color is stunning in a moment of shock. We were impressed by the gradient design used in the previous OPPO R11s star red.

Now, on R15, cover for nokia 610 the star sky purple and the dream mirror red are designed with a new gradation color. The starry purple gradually changes purple from deep to shallow layers, like starry sky, mysterious and full of imagination; diy phone cases unicorn dream mirror red bright flashing red, more exquisite detail, low profile and charming dream mirror version, apple iphone battery case 6s plus incomparably charming and more design feeling It's amazing. This can not only arouse our strong desire, but also arouse people's curiosity about OPPO's success in playing "color" again.

In view of the design of "color", OPPO official micro-blog has actually announced the answer to us. The color matching of the R15 product series is designed by the master color master Karim and the OPPO designer. Previously, OPPO used fresh green, red and blue color and new year's red became the most popular color. Karim is a renowned color master in the industry and has a unique understanding of color. The two sides inspired each other to create a stunning color in the R15 series.

The OPPO R15 is not only amazing in appearance, but also more pleasant in using colors. Karim's joining shows that OPPO is never satisfied with its existing achievements, but is constantly seeking new breakthroughs. The two sides have joined forces to let us see the unlimited potential of OPPO's future products.

Keep Calm and Marry On Print Enjoy Mobile Phone Cover Moto G2 Cases
Keep Calm and Marry On Print Enjoy Mobile Phone Cover Moto G2 Cases