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Self repair scratch is also resistant to fall! IPhoneX this black technology mobile phone shell than apple official website conscience 100 times.

Although it is still a month away from the sale of iPhone X, many people are ready to pay the bill. But the use of full-screen design of iPhone X, no doubt will be more resistant than previous iPhone.

Recently, galaxy s6 phone case nz the Taiwan manufacturer Innerexile launched its own third generation of mobile phone protection shell, designed for iPhone X, not only to prevent bumps and bumps, cus skin for mobile phone india but also to repair the mobile shell, and not be afraid of small scratch.

Designed Huawei P10 Cases world of tanks game WOT art Logo Plastic Phone Bags
Designed Huawei P10 Cases world of tanks game WOT art Logo Plastic Phone Bags

Innerexile's new Odysse series of protective shells with self repair technology for iPhone X, although not much worse than the self repair protective shell of the previous iPhone series, lg optimus phone cases at walmart can be self repairing under the strength of 3000g, and the ability to resist scraping is extremely strong.

The new mobile shell also incorporates a more innovative coating technology, with a more hydrophobic and hydrophobic coating that is more resistant to fingerprints, seahawks case iphone 6 and makes the manufacture of the cell phone more environmentally friendly.

The TPU PET double - shaped Odyssey self - repair shell in the shape of the transparent design is very intimate, the inner iPhone X temperament is perfectly displayed.

In terms of price, the Odyssey third generation of self repairing transparent anti - wrestling shell is sold for 590 NTD, about RMB 129 yuan, and there is no sales information in China for the time being.