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36E goddess pro test chassis suspension of soft and hard how bad.

People often think that leather seats are comfortable. In fact, besides the seat support, the most important thing is the chassis suspension system.

A good chassis system can not only easily cope with various potholes and sandstones, but also automatically filter the magnitude of the vibration from the transverse, longitudinal and other frequencies of the road, and know how to deal with the effects of these vibration frequencies on the human body, motorola mobile accessories online shopping india so as to achieve the most comfortable riding experience for the human body.

At present, many cars offer "driving mode" choices, such as comfort, economy, dynamic and so on. Under different modes, there are different kinds of hard and soft suspension.

Then the question arises: how big is the difference between hard and soft suspension (comfort) in different modes?

The WeChat public number "what a luxury car is worth buying" has been tested, iphone 6 case you can write on with the same Audi RS6 in the same mode, motion (dynamic) mode, using the same deceleration belt, vibration test recorder data and the actual feeling of the E cup goddess Vicky, to verify the difference of comfort.

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Less Expensive Huawei Honor 6 Cases Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Print Cell Phone Shell

According to the vibration G value recorded by the vibration tester, the maximum difference of the G value under the comfort mode is about 1.3g, river island phone cases uk and the maximum difference of the motion model reaches about 1.6g, and the difference is very obvious.

The E cup goddess in different patterns of the chest "wave" difference, also means that the "dynamic" mode shock absorber really hardened, the suspension passes to the rear passengers more severe vibration.